Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Toffee Apple (album)
Toffee Apple (album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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    Toffee Apple tea for Kiwi kids...

    :DThere’s a new arrival in Bell’s family of teas – hot on the heels of the launch of the first-ever tea for children in New Zealand, Bell for Kids, comes an exciting new flavour variant – Toffee Apple!
    Scrumptious and sweet, Toffee Apple joins Strawberry and Honey & Vanilla as flavours of this hydrating and delicious drink that’s become a hit with Kiwi youngsters.
    We know there’s a real ritual around tea drinking that has been bringing people together for generations, providing a time for connection and warmth, and something that we know tea lovers really value as part of their family life.
    Our kids often miss out because they don’t really like the taste of Mum and Dad’s tea. Now children can enjoy the health benefits of tea and share in the family ritual of tea drinking. A cup of Bell for Kids is a great way to catch .
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