:no:Pike River mine families abandon hope of recovering bodies of their family members - this is so very, very sad!
A spokesperson for the families of the miners who died in Pike River mine said the families have abandoned all hope of recovering the bodies.
Bernie Monk confirmed to Radio New Zealand on Wednesday that the decision was made at a meeting on the West Coast on Tuesday night.
Twenty nine men died in an explosion in the mine on 19 December, 2010.
Neither the new owners of the mine,state owned Solid Energy, or the NZ Government are prepared to give the familes any assurance that the bodies will ever be recovered. Solid Energy said maybe access to the mine could be made by a new, at present unplanned, mine in the future. PM John Key promised the families the bodies would be recovered, money was no object, but did not force any conditions in the sale of the Pike River mine to Solid Energy.