Sunday, December 29, 2013

More than honey: Watch the movie...

Housing will be an election issue in this year's elections...

Fairfax NZ
MEASURING UP: The main political parties have differing views on how to bolster the country’s housing stock.

On one hand, the Labour party's solution is simple and clear: a capital gains tax on secondary homes to cool prices, a ban on foreign buyers to keep supply for Kiwis, and the state-funded building of 100,000 houses over 10 years.An election is coming and Housing Minister Nick Smith is well aware that housing policy is going to be one of its key battlegrounds. He calls it a clash between "sound bite versus substance".
On the other, you have the Government pulling various levers to help stimulate the market without embarking on a huge state-house building programme.
Smith says it's a complex issue.
"The political ground of housing next year is going to be between the sound bite and the substantial and I am confident that on the substantive issues - land supply, development contributions, materials, the compliance costs - the Government is going to have a solid story to tell.
"And it's more than just telling a story. I want to do things as Housing Minister that are going to make a material difference to my kids and their generation having access to more affordable homes and I'm unconvinced the proposals being put up by the Opposition would have any real difference."

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Mother's claims over Hutt Valley TWA Mental Health Unit...

Issues in Mental Health Nursing
Issues in Mental Health Nursing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Claims that patients in the Hutt Valley mental health unit had access to cannabis...

The mother of a mental health patient says the Hutt Valley mental health unit is so understaffed that patients are able to get access to recreational drugs. Lyn Copland's son has been a patient in the acute mental health unit for the last four weeks after being admitted under a compulsory treatment order.

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Melbourne Storm Young Gun - Pride Petterson Robati - Born to be a star...

I have just had a read of the latest issue of Rugby League Week which came out on Thursday, 2014 Preview. Each of the NRL clubs have a feature article, and a Young Gun story.

We are great supporters of the Melbourne Storm club and have had  a grandson playing there for a number of years, playing in the Under 18 SG Ball competition in 2011-12, and starting in the Under 20's Holden Cup competition during 2013.

Let's share Storm 2014 Preview:  Young Gun  -  Pride Petterson - Robati written by Phil Mitchell, 'Rugby League Week'.

"Exotically named, and genetically gifted this 18-year old Kiwi backrower was probably born to be a star.The Storm thought as much four years ago when they signed the Wellington product to a six-year contract, and he certainly justified their faith in 2013 when he was named the club's Holden Cup 'Player of the Year'.

In his first season of Under 20's, which he is eligible for another two years, Petterson - Robati racked up some impressive statistics,  including being ranked fourth among Holden Cup forwards for run metres (2758). At this rate he'll be on the cusp of First Grade selection sooner rather than later."

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

JohnTamihere suing RadioLive over his recent departure...

Radio Live logo
Radio Live logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Controversial talk host John Tamihere says he is suing Mediaworks over his departure from Radio Live.
The former Labour MP and co-host Willie Jackson were stood down by the station last month amidst a public outcry over the way they interviewed Amy, a caller who identified herself as a friend of a victim of the Roast Busters rape club.

Mr Jackson is to return next year with a new co-host, Television New Zealand presenter Alison Mau, but Mr Tamihere’s contract was not renewed.

He told Radio Waatea this morning he won’t be going quietly"I’m telling you this morning I will be litigating again with Mediaworks very shortly so you can read all the salacious bits in the affidavits and in the emails but whenever I go anywhere I will go on my own terms, won’t go on anyone else’s terms. It’s interesting too at Mediaworks, it’s a sisterhood running it and I’m just writing up my affidavit now and reflecting on it, it’s amazing, it’s back to the future with Helen and co," Mr Tamihere says.
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