Friday, November 30, 2012

New Zealand's 28th Maori Battalion national association sadly wound up...

"JT" Tamihere back in the Labour fold...

New Zealand
New Zealand (Photo credit: erjkprunczýk)
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Former Labour MP John Tamihere's application to rejoin his old party has been accepted.

Former Labour MP turned media personality John Tamihere has been accepted back into his old party.
It was up to the Labour Party's New Zealand Council to decide if there were any objections to Mr Tamihere becoming a party member.
Mr Tamihere's application has been accepted, the council said in a statement on Saturday.
"By becoming a member he is obliged, as is every member, to subscribe to the constitution and policy of the party," the council said.
Mr Tamihere applied to rejoin the party in October. He'd also earlier indicated his interest in standing in Waitakere, the seat currently held by Cabinet minister Paula Bennett.
Mr Tamihere was a Labour MP from 1999 until 2005, as electorate MP for Hauraki and then Tamaki Makaurau after the seat changed names.
He chose not to stand on the party's list in 2005 and left parliament after losing his seat to Maori Party leader Pita Sharples.
Mr Tamihere was dogged by scandal in his final year as an MP, resigning as a minister in 2004 after accusations he received a golden handshake from a trust after promising he wouldn't take one, then failing to pay tax on the payout. Official investigations cleared him of wrong-doing.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tongan woman has a death sentence - needs regular dialysis treatment...

Patient receiving dialysis
Patient receiving dialysis (Photo credit: shanelkalicharan)


    The linked story about a Tongan mother is heartbreaking. She came over to NZ for eye treatment and discovered she had a renal problem, necessitating regular dialysis treatment. But Tonga, believe it or not, does not have a dialysis machine. Foreign nationals can come to NZ for treatment - but it costs $3,000 a month. Local Tongans did some fundraising and raised $11,000 - not quite four months treatment. In point of fact the womean has a death sentence.She will have to return home to die!
    But what of the Tongan Royal Family? They are worth millions of dollars. I read that there are 60 Tongans needing dialysis treatment.It is regular dialysis treatment or a kidney transplant.What is the answer to Tonga's problem if the King does not come up with the finance to purchase and maintain a dialysis machine?
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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hobbit mania on premiere night of the first Hobbit film in Wellington

English: A vista of Lambton Harbour, Wellingto...
English: A vista of Lambton Harbour, Wellington City (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


    Hobbit mania erupts on the streets of Wellington City. Red carpets and all on premiere night of the first Hobbit movie. All Tolkein. But not my cup of tea. Read the latest posts at Petes Place
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Portable Super from OZ one step closer

The KiwiSaver scheme logo.
The KiwiSaver scheme logo. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The Australian senate has passed legislation allowing returning New Zealanders to bring their retirement savings with them.

The legislation is expected to take effect from July 1, 2013.

Now, Kiwis who work in Australia must contribute to an Australian complying superannuation fund.

However, the money is locked into the scheme until they reach retirement age.

Under the new rules, savings from certain Australian funds will be able to be transferred into New Zealand KiwiSaver funds – and vice versa.

Finance Minister Bill English welcomed the news of the senate's move.

“I acknowledge Australia’s support for this important next step in the single economic market programme between our two countries,” he says in a statement,
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Kiwi called a fat Australian bitch - Czech mate...



  • the-finger-thumb-haha1350515028913624987_10_0caf2dc2flagAUS
    Kiwi woman called a fat Australian bitch - Czech mate...

  • A Czech-born woman has been fined in England after calling her New Zealand-born neighbour a "stupid fat Australian bitch".
    Kiwi Chelsea O'Reilly has also been awarded compensation following Petra Mills's drunken rant against her on their street in Macclesfield, northwest England, the Daily Mail reports.
    Miss O'Reilly was giving a statement to police after a domestic incident in September between Mills and her husband when Mills stormed over to her house and began screaming at her.
    At a trial in Macclesfield Magistrates Court, Miss O'Reilly said: "She called me a stupid fat Australian bitch. Because of my accent there can be some confusion over my nationality. She knew I was from New Zealand.
    "She was trying to be offensive. I was really insulted."
    Mills told the court she shouted at Miss O'Reilly but it had nothing to do with racism.
    "I did not use the word Australian. I used to live with an Australian person. She was very nice."
    Mills, 31, was fined £110 ($215) for racially aggravated public disorder and £200 for kicking a police officer during her arrest.
    She was also ordered to pay both her victims £50 compensation and £500 court costs.

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