Sunday, January 27, 2008

New Zealand will not appease minority immigrant cultures...

New Zealand will not be appeasing minority immigrant culture and customs - they have to respect our diverse cultures!

New Zealand will not be appeasing minority immigrant culture and customs - they have to respect our diverse cultures.As a significant number are Indo-Fijians born in Fiji, they should have learned already the importance of tolerance between ethnic and religious groups.

New Zealand will not be appeasing minority immigrant culture and customs like the British do - new immigrants have to learn to respect our diverse cultures, and most do!

The British might be taking Christianity out of Christmas to inanely appease the minority immigrant population, but not little young New Zealand.

Its the two fingered salute to radical Islam!!

Immigrants to our country have to learn and appreciate our customs and traditions - and they do too!

Traditional Christian scenes will remain on New Zealand stamps again this year, despite Britain moving away from religion for fear of offending some bearded Moslem.

NZ Post stamps have been well received in the past and last year's set of Three Wise Men were extremely popular, so they will continue the traditional way for Christmas issue stamps in the foreseeable future despite what immigrants are perceived to consider as appropriate.

Perhaps if immigrants had been treated with a bit more condideration and respect in the past, the British wouldn't find themselves in a conscience bind.

This year thousands of New Zealand children submitted stamp designs in a contest - ten of which were chosen for use.Entries depicted traditional designs and others were more Kiwiana - such as Kiwifruit wearing a Santa hat. No PC for our Kiwi kids! The 2007 Christmas issue will no doubt be along similar lines to 2006.

A Merry Christmas 2007 from New Zealand. Kia Ora!

I have updated this original article with an account of some Muslim women in New Zealand trying to pressurise the local council to provide swimming pool facilities for them only. They are rather modest in their swimming attire; but so are a lot of other women for a variety of reasons, including obesity etc.

The local council informed these women and said they were prepared to arrange a special session for all women, but certainly not on the grounds of religion. They didn't hear anymore from this particular group.

However I am a realist: Muslims number only 45,000 out of a total population of 4.25 million in New Zealand. Once the population figures of Muslims in New Zealand are similar to those in the United Kingdom, on a per capita basis, you could expect some pressuring of local authorities in NZ by Muslim groups.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

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