Thursday, January 31, 2013

Summer at Petone Beach in Lower Hutt, 1924...

People at Petone beach, Lower Hutt
Ref: 1/2-048705-G
People, mostly children, at Petone Beach in Lower Hutt, Wellington. Shows children in swimming togs sitting on the sand, and playing in the water. Somes Island can be seen in the background. Photograph taken by Sydney Charles Smith in 1924.

Melbourne Storm Junior Fixtures and trials 2013...

English: Melbourne Storm tram.
English: Melbourne Storm tram. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: pic of melbourne storm warming up
English: pic of melbourne storm warming up (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pride Petterson - robati goes from SG Ball in 2011-12, to NYC Thunderbolts in 2013...
Melbourne Storm Junior Fixtures and Trials for the 2013 Season. This is the first season the Storm has entered an Under 16 grade. It also gives Melbourne and Victorian players  a pathway to higher grades, and possible professional careers. A very positive decision.
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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

They used to say if you lived by the sword, you died by the sword...

Crime Stoppers
Crime Stoppers (Photo credit: perspikace)
Lower Hutt District Court
Lower Hutt District Court (Photo credit:



A 29-year-old woman has been charged with the murder of a patched Mongrel Mob member in Lower Hutt.

Sean Verma, 30, died after receiving a stab wound to his chest, despite rescuers trying to save him in the stairwell of his Petone flat last night. He leaves behind an 18-month-old son.
Police said the woman was this evening charged with his murder.

Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton said investigators were continuing to piece together the events leading up to the death and urged any witnesses to speak to police.

"At this stage, we are not seeking anyone else in relation to his death", says Detective Senior Sergeant Dave Thornton.

The woman will appear in the Lower Hutt District Court tomorrow.

A scene examination is continuing at the East Street address, Thornton said.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Hutt Valley Police on (04) 560 2600 or anonymously on the Crimestoppers hotline 0800 555 111.
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Monday, January 28, 2013

Parenthood could improve mental health...


Talking through your glasses. They provide a live language translation...

B)Talking through your glasses. They provide a live language translation...
Here’s the scene: you’re traveling, and you walk into a little restaurant and the menu is entirely in a language you don’t understand, without pictures. You’ve got a couple of choices. You can leave, and try to find a place with English translations. You can try to hack your way through a conversation with the waiter, who also doesn’t speak your language. Or, you can point randomly at the menu and live with the consequences.
Well, in the future there will be another, better, answer. Live, realtime translation built into your glasses. Enter: Project Glass. British hacker and DIYer Will Powell has built a pair of glasses that can (albeit roughly) project a translation of your conversation onto your glasses. Here’s what it looks like:

We all know it's never gonna happen...

A little light hearted fun to make you and your friends smile.

Seriously, people should stop expecting normal from me.
We all know it's never gonna happen!


Some real good advice below...

Alien-like skulls found in Mexico...

Alien (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Alien-like skulls discovered? Archeologists digging at a location in the Northern Mexican state of Sonora encountered a pre-Hispanic burial site of 25 individual skeletons. Thirteen of those 25 have obvious signs of skull deformation, as well as 5 others with dental mutilation. Archeologist believe the burial site may be a result of over practice in cranial deformation or body modification.


Parenthood could improve mental health...

167 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Being a parent could improve mental health...
    New research from the University of Otago suggests being a first-time parents could improve mental health.
    Being a first-time parent could improve mental health and reduce levels of psychological distress, according to research from the University of Otago.
    Researchers from the Health Inequalities Research Programme have reached this conclusion by examining the responses of 6670 parents in the Statistics New Zealandlongitudinal survey of family, income and employment.
    "This is good news for new parents in New Zealand as it shows the effects of becoming a parent for the first time tends to have a positive effect on parents' mental health," says Sarah McKenzie, one of the researchers involved in the study.
    "However, it's important to note the improvements in mental health and psychological distress are positive, but not large in our findings."
    Unlike some overseas studies, the New Zealand study didn't find any major difference between men and women in changes in mental health and becoming a parent for the first time, Ms McKenzie said.
    The study took into account partner status, employment status, deprivation and household income, but Ms McKenzie says further work is needed examining the impact of changes in socio-economic factors such as income and employment when a child comes along.
    The research, which was funded by the Health Research Council of New Zealand, has just been published in the international Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.
    Acknowledgements: NZN