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The bell tolls for thee - the adverse impact on carers of familiy members...

Caregiver telling it how it is
Caregiver telling it how it is (Photo credit: Simon Oosterman)
Striking caregivers
Striking caregivers (Photo credit: Simon Oosterman)
Caregiver joins her striking caregivers
Caregiver joins her striking caregivers (Photo credit: Simon Oosterman)

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    :no:An interesting story out of Australia this week reported on the health problems that many carers of family members can have themselves.
    A study of 1000 Aussie carers by the charity Wesley Mission found that caring of loved ones came at a profound cost.
    Its 'Keeping minds Well: Caring Till it Hurts' report found almost 90% of carers looking after a spouse or relative with a mental illness reported an adverse impact on their own physical or mental health.
    Three out of four carers surveyed also said their role had negatively affected their relationship with family and friends, while 57% said their employment and finances had suffered as a consequence.
    "They more often than not sacrificed their time, money and even their careers", said Wesley Mission chief executive the Rev Keith Garner.
    "Their caring comes at a cost, with an an overwhelming number declaring that their caring experience as a child provided a lasting negative into adult life."
    Rev Garner said the challenge was to better support cares and reduce the stigma associated with caring."This is a challenge for all mental health providers.
    As a New Zealand resident carer of a family member myself, I would hope that mental health providers would heed such a message.
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