Sunday, March 18, 2012

Christchurch earthquakes cause short supplies of Marmite in NZ...

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    Christchurch earthquakes cause short supplies of Marmite in New Zealand...
    Marmite lovers beware, stocks of New Zealand's favourite spread are running low.
    Sanitarium general manager Pierre van Heerden says Marmite was being manufactured in Christchurch until the plant suffered earthquake damage.
    He says there is still some stock at warehouses but the factory has no more in its cupboards.
    Mr van Heerden says they hope to be producing Marmite again in July and in the meantime he's asking for Marmite lovers to spread it more thinly.
    "In the interim we're just asking consumers to ration the use of their Marmite and use it sparingly. Maybe use it on hot toast which makes it go a little bit further, use it every second day or once a day," he says.
    Sanitarium has shifted its production of the spread to Auckland but the supply in New Zealand is running low and the company says the factory cupboards are empty.
    And the shortage of marmite has gone global with Kiwis living abroad also struggling to find Marmite.
    Angela Rose in Sydney says supermarkets in Australia are also out of stock.
    Marmite is still more popular than the weaker-tasting Australian Vegemite version - an acquired taste, bit like Australians themselves.
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