US authorities file paper for MegaUpload eounder Kim Dotcom's Extradition to the United States...
U.S. prosecutors have filed papers seeking the extradition of Kim Dotcom, founder of MegaUpload and three colleagues, who are charged in the U.S. with allegedly running a criminal enterprise responsible for online piracy of numerous types of copyrighted works.
:no:Kim Dotcom: The extradition papers were received Friday at the North Shore District Court in Auckland, New Zealand, a spokeswoman for the country's Ministry of Justice said Monday. The court is not releasing the papers at this time.
On Wednesday, the High Court of New Zealand, Auckland Registry decided that Dotcom could stay free on bail, after government prosecutors acting on behalf of U.S. authorities appealed a Feb. 22 decision of the District Court to grant him bail.
The judge said that he understands that the extradition hearing will not take place until August, and observed that for Dotcom "to be incarcerated for another six months awaiting the extradition hearing, the risk of flight has to be a real one". The electronic monitoring of Dotcom which was one of his many bail conditions reduced the risk of flight, he said. "It essentially puts a perimeter around Mr. Dotcom's home and if he breaches the perimeter then the authorities will know about it very shortly," he added.