David Bain campaigner Joe Karam, a former NZ All Black of the 1970's, was in tears in Perth today when he followed Mr Bain as a speaker at the International Justice Conference.
Mr Bain spoke for 40 minutes and then Mr Karam got ready to speak but was too emotional and maintained silence for a time before regaining his composure.
He told the delegates that to see Mr Bain standing there before them, a free man, was a proud moment for him.
Mr Karam told them he met David Bain when he, Karam, was 43 and he is now 60.
At a media conference following the speeches Mr Karam stopped Mr Bain from answering a question about his affection for his father despite the accusation by some people that his father Robin Bain was the killer.
A little backgrounder on David Bain:
David Bain was sentenced in 1995 to the murder of his parents, two sisters and younger brother - his entire nuclear family.He served 13 years in prison. One of New Zealand's most infamous murder trials.
David Bain was found not guilty at a subsequent retrial in 2009 after his case was sent to the Privy Council in London.
David Bain and Joe Karam have applied to the NZ Government for compensation. An independent Canadian judge is examining the facts and evidence of the case. He will report back with his recommendations to the New Zealand PM John Key and his cabinet.
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