Sunday, January 5, 2014

The 2014 equivalent of John Churchill's ride to Axminster - Cunliffe Labour rejecting Rogernomics...

David Cunliffe closing the 2005 Auckland BioBlitz
David Cunliffe closing the 2005 Auckland BioBlitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
So, what would be the 2014 equivalent of John Churchill’s ride to Axminister? In the New Zealand context it could only be David Cunliffe and his colleagues publicly forswearing their allegiance to the 30-year neoliberal modernisation programme unleashed by their predecessors in 1984.
The radical-populist argument such an announcement would inevitably inspire would very rapidly “politicise and mobilise” the electorate; transforming the 2014 General Election from a mere test of the public’s readiness to change political managers, into “a presage to revolution”.

Chris Trotter
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