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Bob Hawke's back on the hops - former Aussie PM still likes a drink...

Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia ...
Bob Hawke, former Prime Minister of Australia & Blanche D'Alpuget, his second wife (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Just when you thought his beer-skolling days were over, Bob Hawke brings home the hops.
At 84, the former Australian prime minister showed no signs of slowing as he downed a beer in single gulp in front of dozens of people dressed as Australian commentator Richie Benaud on day two of the Ashes Test at the Sydney Cricket Ground.
The crowd hooted in delight as the former Labor leader put away the amber liquid in less than 10 seconds.
Although a far cry from his record-setting pace as a university student in the 1950s the spectators were overjoyed nonetheless.
It's not the first time Mr Hawke – legendary for his love of a cheeky (and quick) pint – succumbed to peer pressure at the cricket.
In December 2012 the former union leader skolled "one for the country" at the urging of a group of adoring fans.
However, not everyone is enamoured with Mr Hawke's antics.
Critics have lambasted the former PM for setting a bad example and reinforcing a negative alcohol culture amidst the widespread publicity of alcohol-fuelled violence.
"Bob Hawke setting the example to a nation struggling with alcohol-induced violence," Steven Ringo tweeted.
But others have defended the "Aussie larrikin" and his actions, saying at 84 years of age he's earned a beer or two.
Do you think Bob Hawke is setting a bad example? Join the conversation below. Australia is on the verge of completing a clean sweep of the Ashes series, winning back the urn after two unsuccessful series.
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