Tuesday, December 4, 2012

England still a one match wonder, as always...

New Zealand national rugby union team
New Zealand national rugby union team (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Forget nonsense, ABs still better than England. The Poms are still dreamers...  

Dan Carter


OPINION: England is not remotely as good a team as the All Blacks. They might be when they go 12 months unbeaten.
Owen Farrell is not even a five compared to Dan Carter's 10. He might be when he has spent nearly 10 years teaching other teams how to play the game.
But you wouldn't know much of this from the hysterical reaction to Sunday's game. We live in a world of hyperbole. Suddenly England are world-beaters and the All Blacks have an age crisis. It is all complete tosh.
After Sunday's victory Farrell junior said: "We don't think there is a gap at all between Northern and Southern hemisphere. Today we proved it."
It is a forgivable statement. It is the sort of thing that a 21-year-old should believe in, along with his own immortality and the senility of anyone over 40. But it won't do. Come back at the end of 2013 and say: "This year we proved it." Such things are tested over months, not days.
Sport at the top level is about consistency of performance. The current All Blacks have it and the current England team do not. If Stuart Lancaster's men start rolling the opposition in the Six Nations, star in a Lions victory in Australia and boss next November's internationals, then Farrell can talk about equality between the hemispheres.

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