Protesters call the school plans

Protesters call the school plans "abusive". Photo / SNPA
Christchurch promises more protest action

Upset children, parents and principals rallied against "abusive" school closures in quake-ravaged Christchurch yesterday.
Thousands gathered at Hagley Park to vent their fury at Government proposals to shut 13 Canterbury schools; merge 18 into nine; and relocate another seven.
Rally organisers said the idea of centralising city schools and eliminating middle schools was "ludicrous". They vowed to stage more protests.
Reverend Mike Coleman, who has two children enrolled in a Christchurch school earmarked for closure, said the closures would devastate long-suffering Canterbury kids.
"Taking your school away (after) having been through 10,000 quakes is one of the most abusive things you can do to a child."
Coleman said the decision was made without any consultation.
He also said the Government would target small schools throughout the country after dealing with Christchurch.