Sunday, September 9, 2012

David Bain is innocent? Yeah right!

I don't know what recreational substances Canadians consume, but the Judge who claims David Bain is innocent should be blood tested. Bain was found guilty and sent to prison for over a decade; later a retrial found him not guilty. Not guilty he may be, but that is not 'innocent' by any stretch of the imagination. The only way David Bain could be innocent is if his father Robin did the killing and there is NO evidence to suggest this. So what do you say customers?


Anonymous said...

Maybe. The Herald claims the the judge says innocent. That is totally untrue. The judge says he is "most likely innocent" The Herald have decided to use false tabloid journalism to twist suggestion into fact. Truth doesn't sell papers. trash does indeed sell newspapers.

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

The judge actually said by all probabilites he was innocent. Justice is not determined either way by probabilities.

David Bain was found not guilty at his retrial because there was insufficient evidence to find him guilty beyond a shadow a doubt.

Not all the evidence or witnesses from the original trial which found him guilty at the original trial was available at the retrial. At least one of the witnessess was dead.He served nearly 13 yrs in the first trial.

The National Government is also not bound to give him compensation. It is believed there is some division in the cabinet. Also he was not pardomed or found not guilty in an Appeal.

The pusher for compensation is Joe Karam who wants his money back. David Bain could probably walk away from the situation.

The killer of the Bain family has to be David Bain or his late father, Robin. But there has never been any real evidence suggesting Robin did it. So was a ghost responsible?