Monday, June 25, 2012

New Zealand's Most Trusted Person 2012...

Reader’s Digest congratulates Richie McCaw, the captain of the All Blacks, who played that final game with an injured right foot. McCaw is New Zealand’s Most Trusted Person of 2012. Click here for the full list.
Richie McCaw
Rugby player, All Blacks’ captain
Richie McCaw encapsulates all that we trust in a New Zealander. He’s worked hard, showed grit and leadership. We trust him not only because he’s a great All Blacks’ captain who led his team to a World Cup win (though, yes, that helped). We trust McCaw because he represents the idealised Kiwi bloke: strong, dependable, determined, yet humble and self-effacing. He quietly gets the job done with no look-at-me fanfare. He’s never put a foot wrong. He does his bit for charity. He always makes time for a chat with his fans – and he made time to talk to Reader’s Digest about the role trust plays in his life.
Click here to read our full interview with Richie McCaw

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