Thursday, November 3, 2011

Welfare reform won't protect the vulnerable children in NZ...

Māori PartyImage via WikipediaJohn Key at his victory speech at SKYCITY, Auc...Image via WikipediaI've said it before and I guess I will have to say it again, this blog was never intended as a political forum, but with the current National Party Government here in New Zealand on target for re-election in about three weeks or so, I just can't let things pass without some comment.

Welfare reform is one of the main planks of this right-wing administration this time in. But welfare reform will not protect our vulnerable children from the hands of those adults whose duty it is to tend to their needs. How many more young children will be maimed and killed in this country because our child protection agency, CYF (Child, Youth and Family) appears unable to do their job efficiently because they lack the necesssary resources. At least that is what their critics keep on saying.

Benefit cuts will only put more pressure on those poor families who struggle anyway. Now the onus will be on them to look for work if they want to retain their welfare benefits. I don't know what these right-wingers have for brains and what flows in their  veins - ice-cold water it seems.

I will predict that if National is re-elected  three weeks from this Saturday, NZ society will erupt in a way not seen for decades. National may not last its full term, John key will seek that job he covets in the World Bank, and his successor will be condemned for all eternity. It is not the Kiwi way, it is not how we do things in this country - well thats what we said when we had to endure a mean spirited and unfeeling administration during the 1990's - this offspring of that detested government could be worse, taking different directions, but with the same agenda. Their asset sales program is universally opposed by the NZ public, but those moronic National voters will ensure it becomes policy - unless National is unable to get a majority because it lacks a coalition partner.

National thinks it will be able to govern on its own, but that is not going to happen under an MMP electoral system. When it comes down to actually casting a vote, some of those alleged supporters in current polls will have second thoughts. The Act Party candidate, John Banks, must win in Epsom, and the Maori Party must retain their current number of seats, but it is doubtful if either happens. Results in other electorates could also affect the outcome of the election. They say a week in politics is a long time - well there is still three weeks to go!
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