Thursday, November 10, 2011

29 men killed at the Pike River mine - 25 charges laid against three parties...

The Department of Labour has laid 25 charges against three parties relating to health and safety failures at Pike River Coal Mine.

Twenty-nine miners died at Pike River after a series of explosions nearly a year ago.

Each charge carries a maximum penalty of $250,000 and they were laid at Greymouth District Court this morning.

The Department of Labour say they are currently unable to name the charged parties as they either have name suppression or the right to apply for name suppression.

They are also unable to identify specific charges as this may lead to identification of those involved.

Due to the high public interest in the case the Department of Labour say they are endeavouring to ensure names can be published where possible.

It has taken 357 days for the Department of Labour to conduct this investigation, an investigation they say is the most complex they have undertaken.

More than 200 interviews were conducted by a team of 15 people.
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