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Author backs reopening of the old A>A> Thomas case...

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Author backs reopening of the old NZ A.A Thomas case...

Chris Birt, author, believes the Arthur Allen Thomas case should be reopened to find out who fed Crewe's baby following request from ex-wife

An expert on the infamous Crewe murders is backing a request for Justice Minister Simon Power to reopen the case.

The former wife of Arthur Allan Thomas, Vivien Harrison wants to clear her name in relation to the case and hopes the mystery woman seen going on to the Crewes' farm and who is believed to have fed the murdered couple's baby daughter, can be identified.

Writer Chris Birt who authored the book 'The Final Chapter', says there is some evidence about the person who looked after the baby and it should be examined.

"Somebody independent of the police needs to be commissioned by the justice minister to look at those aspects." There were claims during the trials that police had planted empty bullets in a garden.

Mr Birt says he has a good idea of who fed the baby, but cannot reveal their name for legal reasons.

Arthur Allan Thomas was convicted twice of killing his neighbours Jeanette and Harvey Crewe at their farm in South Auckland in 1970. A decade later, he was pardoned by the Muldoon Government. He also received close to a million dollars New Zealand in compensation.

A suggestion made last week was that Jeanette Crewe murdered her husband and then committed suicide. That's alright in my book, but just who did feed the Crewes baby?

Vivien Thomas, now remarried and known as Vivienne Harrison was originally named as having fed the baby. She absolutely denies the claims, formerly put forward by the police, that she had fed the baby. Just who did then?

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