Friday, July 2, 2010

The 25th Anniversary of the bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland Harbour

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In just over a week, it will be the 25th anniversary of the Rainbow Warrior bombing in Auckland Harbour. It was a pivotal moment in history for Greenpeace and for New Zealand. It galvanised our identity as a peaceful, nuclear-free nation.

It’s also a timely reminder that New Zealand once made a difference by standing for something bigger than ourselves.

We can stand for something again. We can be a country that leads the way in pioneering a clean, sustainable economy, rather than one which mines its national parks, drills for oil and does not take climate change seriously.

After the original Rainbow Warrior was bombed in Auckland Harbour, the Rainbow Warrior II was launched and the phrase; “you can’t sink a rainbow” was born.

New Zealanders especially donated generously then to help Greenpeace get resurrect the Warrior and together we showed the world that you can’t sink a rainbow!

Now, 25 years later the Warrior has sailed to every corner of the globe, she’s been rammed, shot at and impounded, but now at 52 she’s tired and needs a replacement. And the world needs her more than ever.

We need our help to get a new Rainbow Warrior. In the story of a ship that became a legend you can be in the next chapter…

Would you like to help us build the Rainbow Warrior III?. The job has really just begun!

Greenpeace New Zealand


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Today (Saturday 10 July) is the 15th anniversary of the Greenpeace ship the Rainbow Warrior bombing by French agents. To mark the date, New Zealand On Screen has launched four titles exploring anti-nuclear protest and the politics of New Zealand’s ‘no nukes’ stand.

The movies can be watched online, for free.

When a Warrior Dies – a documentary on the aftermath of the bombing and the efforts by Greenpeace and sculptor Chris Booth to create a remembrance monument.

Fallout – excerpts from award-winning Tom Scott and Greg McGee-scripted mini series dramatising events leading to NZ’s 80s ‘No Nukes’ stand

Mururoa 1973 – a landmark Alister Barry doco about protest flotilla who risked their lives travelling to French nuclear testing zone at Mururoa.

A Nuclear Free Pasific – documentary on the long struggle for a treaty to declare the South Pacific free of nuclear arms.–niuklia-fri-pasifik-1988