Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ken Laban the only official Lower Hutt City candidate...

Why is Ken Laban the only candidate willing and proud to say he is a mayoral candidate for Lower Hutt City? Actually no other candidates have mentioned they are candidates for 'Lower Hutt' wards either.

So here we are with the elections coming up and only one official Lower Hutt candidate; the others glibly mention their ward or the fact they are standing for the mayoralty.

No wonder those involved in Upper Hutt City don't want a bar of Lower Hutt politicians or pretenders.

I personally believe that amalgamation of the final two local authorities in the Hutt Valley will prove to be the best action for the economic and social future of both. Surely, but how do you get your head aroud the parochialism of Lower Hutt?

It is this parochialism that has prevented discussion between the two councils up to now.

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Kiwi Riverman said...

Unfortunately my fears were born out. Another poor turnout by voters allowed the sitting mayor to be re-elected by a couple of hundred votes from Ray Wallace, and another couple of hundred to Ken Laban. Three more years! Not four like the All Blacks have, though.