Sunday, September 30, 2007

We are now getting close to the final run into the straight for the local body elections...

We are now getting close to the final run into the straight for the local body elections. What are the issues? A load of bunkum really. The real issues are just swept under the carpet and ignored.

What issues are important from my point of view? The illegal usage of "Hutt City" as the name for our city is important in my opinion.

The possibility of amalgamating Lower Huttt and Upper Hutt cities is also important for the future of the Hutt Valley.It should be debated; residents of both cities should be given the opportunity to debate it.

The inane and naive threats by Eastbourne to secede from the city is another.

What are my opinions about candidates? Well history will debate that matter. I believe that Ken Laban is the best candidate for the position of Mayor of Lower Hutt City.

The two incumbent councillors for the Northern Ward, Angus Finlayson and Julie Englebretsen are the undoubted favourites and should be elected again. Angus, in particular, and Julie have worked hard for our area. With no local candidates standing since the 1980's there won't be any emotional reactions. The status quo will remain here!

In other areas the favourites will be expected to succeed. Pretty boring really.

I don't think there has been an election meeting in the Taita district since the 1980's, including parliamentary elections as well.

I have already expressed my opinion about the special treatment metered out for the former boroughs of Petone, Eastbourne and Wainuiomata, at the expense of residents of the original city - elected community boards, and we won't even get council appointed ward committees for at least three years. This is a major issue also swept under the carpet.

How naive are the residents of Eastbourne if they think the Government would allow them to secede from the city. The assets and resources in Eastbourne belong to the City of Lower Hutt. If they don't like it, they can always sell up and ship out!

The issues I have mentioned will be discussed privately and publicly during the next three years, regardless of the outcome of the elections.

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