Wednesday, August 29, 2007

If candidates learn the real name of our city - Lower Hutt...

If the one thing candidates learn during the coming council election campaign in Lower Hutt, is the real and legal name of our city, I will be a contented person.

"Lower Hutt" is the legal name as determined by the NZ Geographic Board, and to illegally promote any other name for the city without even an application for a name change, is an offence. Such transgressors could be taken to court if individual Lower Hutt residents or groups objected. They could be fined for each and every illegal promotion, and copies of such in council documents, publications, newspapers etc.

Thousands of copies are made public annually, hundreds of thousands since the name change of the council. The council could be charged and fined in court for every one of them. This could apply to the Mayor, David Ogden, his elected councillors and council officers.

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