Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Turkey asks NZ for help in quake...

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The Prime Minister's office has confirmed it has now received a request for help from Turkey, following its devastating earthquake.

It says the Government is currently working out the best way to provide assistance, and to make sure it arrives in Turkey as fast as possible.

John Key said earlier on Wednesday New Zealand had offered a search team and although Turkey had not yet taken up the offer, the team was on standby.

At least 459 people died in the magnitude 7.2 quake.

The BBC reports Turkey has substantial experience of delivering relief after quakes and had, until now, rejected help.

But officials now say they are in urgent need of housing, with 2262 homes destroyed.
The death toll from the disaster stands at 459 people, with 1352 others injured.
A two-week old baby rescued alive in Ercis.
A two-week old baby rescued alive in Ercis.

Emergency workers have rescued a 27-year-old woman alive, nearly three days after she was trapped in a collapsed building.

Rescuers also pulled a two-week-old baby girl and her mother and grandmother alive from under a collapsed building two days after the quake.

NZ's help would be appropriate.

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