Thursday, November 11, 2010

We are definately poorer for it...

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By Peter Petterson

First published at Qondio:

It is probably now cheaper to get a meal of KFC chicken for your family than it is to buy some average quality sheep and beef meat cuts down here in New Zealand.

It is also cheaper to buy coca cola and other softdrinks(soda in nth America) than fresh milk - a food in itself.
Somebody on a radio talk back show today said that even beer is cheaper than milk at present

What an indictment of a society that once provided milk in schools and subsidised milk sales as well back in the good old days.

We once had a local garment and footwear industry that manufactured clothes and shoes of a good quality and employed thousands of New Zealanders - now everything is of a poorer quality and originates from China or some other asian countries
We are definately poorer for it. Not a third world country, but not a first world one either. lets just say 'second class'.
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