Saturday, November 13, 2010

A revue of Spies and Lies on New Zealand television...

Auckland Harbour Bridge. The harbour bridge fr...Image via WikipediaFilm Revue: NZ television play.Spies and Lies TV One, Sunday November 14 2010, 8-30pm

Antony Starr is in no danger of being pigeon-holed as a Westie (An Auckland term for somebody from the west of Auckland) judging by his his performance in Spies and Lies. Based on a true story from 1942, and largely adapted from the book The Plot to Subvert Wartime in New Zealand, Spies and Lies tells the tale of Syd Ross. Released from prison, Ross finds himself in front of the Prime Minister, Peter Fraser, telling him a story about a Nazi plot to take over New Zealand.
Taking these allegations seriously, Ross is given a new identity and life (complete with money from the government) in Rotorua and is told to gather evidence about the Nazi plot. Ross' Hoax was such an embarassment for the New Zealand government there was little documentation about it. Starr proves why he's a common contender for acting accolades, and along with another Outrageous Fortune ( a popular television soap in recent years) star, Antonia Prebble, and a cast of competent and well-weathered actors, Spies and Lies is a piece of New Zealand television not to miss.
Sunday Star-Times, November, 14 2010.
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