Monday, September 6, 2010

Christchurch prison inmates being shifted to other prisons...

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Christchurch  prison inmates moving en masse -  being shifted to other prisons...

Danger of fire after the earthquake prompts Department of Corrections to move inmates from Christchurch's Men's and Women's prisons.

Prisoners from Christchurch's Men's and Women's prisons will be moved to other sites as a precautionary measure following Saturday's earthquake.

The Department of Corrections says the prisons are operating safely but there is a safety risk that water pressure wouldn't be effective enough in the event of a fire. Indeed!

In a statement, Acting General Manager of Operations Karen Urwin says prisoners will gradually be moved over the coming days. Male prisoners will be transported by prison bus to Otago, and charter flights will be used to move female prisoners to Auckland. Ms Urwin says it's a temporary move to reduce the demand on local services.

Rolleston Men's Prison remains largely unaffected by the earthquake and will run as usual.

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Anonymous said...

All the inmates going to be moved or just some of them?

Kiwi Riverman's Blogesphere said...

I'm not sure about the details. they had some problems with unmates soiling their pants during the journey. They were all handcuffed with waist restraints as well.