Sunday, December 21, 2008

Somalian refugees need to consider the cultural requirements of their host countries...

A story in one of today's Sunday papers here in NZ caught my eye:

Three Somalian teenage refugees have been questioned regarding allegations that they have been preying on young impressionable girls for sex. The eldest of the trio has ben charged with underage sex with a girl last month. Two other girls had made allegations against him and his two friends aged 16 and 17 years as well.

The police were investigating claims these three youths were targeting young girls attending church functions in upper middle class suburbs.

They denied charges and said they had no idea why the girls were telling "lies". Why would the girls tell lies in the first place?

One of the trio said he believed "people from the government" were biased against them. He said one of the girls he had sex with told him she was 16 years old; he said he was disappointed later she when discovering she was only 13 years old. Disappointed?

I think these refugee youths wouldn't find themselves in trouble if they stuck to girls in their own age -group. They are undoubtably aware of New Zealand's sex laws and our cultural requirments, which were obviously much stricter than those they were used to. They are obviously targeting young girls from church groups who they believed were "fair game".

An interesting story. Of course the youths were innocent and blamed the girls for being flirtatious. Yeah and I'm the Mother Superior! As an aside, aren't Somalians Muslim who have strict laws regarding illicit sex? Thats what I thought!

Or is it because Somalian and other North African cultures lack real respect for their women and girls, and men and boys can please themselves when, where and with whom they satisfy their sexual urges? I really wonder!


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