Saturday, December 13, 2008

Auckland, New Zealand - a rightwing nanny state...

Full of rightwing politicians from councils to parliament, but as nanny statish as anything claimed during Labour's reign:

Right-wing nanny state? While some Auckland beaches are contaminated with sewage and public transport remains an embarrassment, it's good to see the Auckland City Council has moved on to more important matters — like dictating to buskers what songs they can play. If it was April, I'd swear this story was a joke. The new policy says buskers must apply for an annual busking licence and develop sufficient repertoire so they can perform without repetition.

So who will make sure buskers stick to the rule? A council funded busker monitor? Or better yet, maybe the police would like to add it to their list of daily tasks? Will they also restrict the playing of 'Smoke on the Water'? Please? What do you think should be Auckland City Council's priorities? Cleaning up the beaches? Public transport? Moving the homeless from central-city streets? Bringing another international sporting star to Auckland for the enjoyment of the council? Too many questions, I know.

Quite frankly they are welcome to their nanny state. Does anybody admit to actually living there?

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