Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The banker and the 'lady' from the boutique agency...

The banker and the 'lady' from the boutique agency...

An exclusive Wellington, New Zealand, brothel is taking a businessman to court, accusing him of failing to pay it for services rendered.

District Court documents obtained by the local daily newspaper revealed that the compay who owns the brothel has sued the man, a high-flier in the banking industry.

The brothel - which markets itself as a "boutique agency for a select clientele", and won't be named obviously, alleges the man has refused to pay for an hour and a half 'sexual services'.

The brothel claims $800 for the first hour - $200 for the next half hour, and an extra $300 because the escort was delayed from returning to work because of the man's conduct, which cost her another appointment.

On its website the brothel says it 'aims to provide a tasteful and discreet haven for gentleman to enjoy the attentions of elegant, beautifully groomed and intelligent women'. Perhaps it failed to deliver on that occasion?

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