Monday, July 22, 2013

David Shearer - the leader of the NZ Labour Party is a new kind of leader they say - a real decent man who loves his country and people...

The people who take part in political polls don't know the real David Shearer. He doesn't have a long political experience as a MP, but neither did David Lange. OK, David Shearer is not an orator, and neither is John key who can't speak clearly. Key has a financial background, Shearer has a background in looking after people.

David Shearer was born in Auckland, brought up in Papatoetoe. His father was a school principal and his mother a teachers aide. They worked hard and managed to give David a world class education. He has the principles to become a prime minister of New Zealand.

They taught the values of hard work and the experience of working together so that everybody gets a fair go and the chance to succeed, no matter their background. That's the real Kiwi way!

Those very values took David to places like Somalia where he was involved in feeding 30,000 children, and to Sri Lanka where he and his UN colleagues carried exam papers across battle lines because the people knew the value of education that would change their lives positively for a new future.

In Iraq, David led a 500-strong team working with local people to rebuild schools, hospitals and power stations. He saw at first hand how bringing communities together and giving them a chance to participate which was as valuable as the rebuilding itself.

He said it was real hard graft but it made him the type of person he is today. He is now dedicated  to make a difference working In NZ.

New Zealand has great foundations which have been eroded and are making life more difficult for Kiwi people. We are declining as a society with fewer opportunities and constant struggles. He won't accept that future for NZ and its citizens.

That is why he is championing ideas like Kiwi-Build, which will put 100,000 families into new affordable first homes over ten years. He also supports One-in-a-Million, which will ensure companies receiving government contracts will have to make new opportunities for Kiwi workers.

To David Shearer, politics is about people working together to find new solutions and having the courage to do what is right. He said he has spent his working life to give people a better life, and will fight for a future of opportunity for all New Zealanders.

Good on you David Shearer, and while you do that John key will be in the counting house counting his personal 50 million dollars. Hail the next prime minister of New Zealand, David Shearer.

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