Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Support action on Deep Sea Oil and tell Andarko they are not welcome in NZ waters

Take Action On Deep Sea Oil


Click here to take action on Deep Sea Oil
We have a very straightforward, but important, message for you today.
Texan oil company Anadarko intends to conduct high risk deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand waters and they plan to begin prospecting later this year.
Anadarko aren’t know for their great safety record; they owned a 25% stake in the DeepWater Horizon.
We really can’t afford to allow these Oil Cowboys to come and experiment with dangerous deep sea drilling in New Zealand.
Please take action today to stop Anadarko from endangering the lives and livelihoods of New Zealanders.Please go here to take action on Deep Sea Oil.

Bunny McDiarmid
Executive director
Greenpeace New Zealand


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