Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Christmas to you all...

Looking into the Hutt Valley in New Zealand.
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The home jersey of the Melbourne Storm.
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It is just a few days to Christmas here in New Zealand. We are hoping for a fine Christmas as many of us here eat outdoors, whether its an outdoor dinner or barbeque. We are having the former, though I expect the latter will come into use later. I'm a traditionalist and still like my roasts, vegetables and trappings, and puddings and things. A few drinks later when my food has settled down.

We expect most of the family to be here in Taita, Lower Hutt, though one of our younger members, 16 year old grandson, Pride will be back in Melbourne, Australia, as he is a recruit for the Melbourne Storm NRL club's Under 18 squad in the SG Ball competion. I'm not sure exactly where he is having his Christmas; somewhere in Victoria or NSW I'm sure. He'll be back in the Hutt Valley late in January. But everybody else should be here. Our four grown up children, partners, and the other eleven grandchildren, and some other family members. But I believe most of the hard work will be taken away from me this year; my sons taking over after I have organised things for 40 odd years. So it should be a great day for our family on Sunday.

We hope you have a great day too and enjoy the time with family and friends. Merry Christmas from the  Hutt Valley, Wellington,  New Zealand.

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