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NZ governor-general appointment raise head of state question...

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NZ Governor-General appointment raises head of state question

The Republican Movement acknowledges the nomination of Lieutenant General Jerry Mateparae as Governor-General by Prime Minister John Key today. Lt. Gen. Mateparae is a well known and respected New Zealander. He topped a poll in October last year of 1,435 New Zealanders conducted by the Republican Movement to find New Zealand's next Governor-General.

"Yet, his appointment was made in secret and lacked democratic oversight" said Lewis Holden, chair of the Republican Movement.

New Zealand needs a proper elected head of state, not an appointee of the Prime Minister. Lt. Gen. Mateparae is one of many New Zealanders who could fulfil the role and there is no reason why voters or parliament cannot be trusted to elect the best person. The anachronistic system where a hereditary British monarch appoints a local deputy - hand-picked by the Prime Minister - is no longer fit for purpose.

"Cutting ties with the monarchy and becoming a republic will ensure we have a Kiwi, chosen by us, as our head of state. That continues to be the ultimate goal of the Republican Movement" continued Mr Holden.

"It's time for the government to update the process for appointment of the Governor-General to make it more modern, democratic and transparent. The Republican Movement believes, as a minimum, Lt. Gen. Mateparae should be endorsed by a resolution of parliament in the coming weeks before he takes office. This is an important first step in Kiwis claiming ownership of their head of state" concluded Mr Holden.


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