Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prisoners to be evacuated to make way for rescue workers...

Hon Judith CollinsImage by nznationalparty via Flickr
Prisoners  to be evacuated to make room for rescue workers...

Prisoners will be moved out of Christchurch's Rolleston Prison so it can be used for accommodation for rescue workers.

The prisoners will be moved to Christchurch Mens' prison, which is higher security, to enable use of the 320 beds, said Corrections Minister Judith Collins.

Tourists are also being moved out of the city to Wellington and Auckland to free up hotel rooms.

Ms Collins said the prison had been undamaged by the quake and was serviced by water and sewage and had kitchen facilities.

Call 0800 RED CROSS (0800 733 276) to find out whereabouts of friends and family

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