Saturday, October 23, 2010

NZ Labour leader Phil Goff to visit Australia...

Philip Bruce Goff, current Leader of the Oppos...Image via Wikipedia NZ Labour leader Phil Goff to visit Australia... 

Labour Leader Phil Goff will travel to Canberra tomorrow for a meeting with Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. "Labour Weekend gives me a chance to get across the Tasman and meet Julia again," Phil Goff said today. "Our economic, political and cultural ties with Australia are very strong and as two Labour leaders we also have strong party links.

"Australia is our largest trading partner and has a strong performing economy. "Australia expects to create 250,000 new jobs this year and has come through the global financial crisis in a strong position.

"I am interested in finding out what lessons we can learn from Australia's approach to the economy," Phil Goff said. "I'm also looking forward to discussing ways we can continue to build on our relationship to the benefit of both our countries."

Phil Goff will also meet Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd and other senior government figures including Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Minister Stephen Conroy and Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency Greg Combet.

Phil Goff will travel with Shadow Leader of the House and Labour Chief Whip Darren Hughe

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