Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gisborne's missing little four year old boy's body was found today...

The body of four year old Lucas Ward, the missing little boy from Kaiti in Gisborne, on New Zealand's east coast, was sadly found today just 400 metres up the river from his grandmother's home. The river and its banks had been extensively searched since he went missing on the 16th August, 2010, just ten days ago. The little boy never liked the river and its water which tragically took his young life.

 The police had downgraded their search a few days ago, because the area had been continually searched. But the family, friends,  neighbours and locals  had continued to search regardless of the official search. The family and the police have thanked all who searched for the little blonde headed youngster. His family and friends are devastated at the news which had  become inevitable because of the length of time he had been missing.

A post mortem will be held in a few days, and his death will be discussed at a later inquest.

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