Sunday, April 18, 2010

An 89 year old apple cider, perhaps...

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An 89 year old apple cider perhaps...

New Zealand appears to have won an 89 year old battle to export apples to Australia, after leaked reports suggest the World Trade Organisation (WTO) has found in favour of New Zealand in the long standing battle of orchardists on both sides of the Tasman. The ban should be overturned in the near future, but an appeal by Australia can't be counted out.

For 89 years Australia orchardists have incorrectly claimed and maintained that New Zealand apples would endanger the Australian domestic apple market with the risk of fireblight disease. I have never read of any proof being offered from Australian interests.

New Zealand exports apples to the huge American market and to other countries. There has never been any suggestion of fireblight being connected with Kiwi exports of apples.

An Australian resident, Sam Bradley, suggests Kiwi competition would teach Australian orchardists to farm more efficiently. New Zealand apples would continue to be effectively examined for any diseases, as they are done globally at present.

Another Australian who was rather disappointed with the variety and quality of NZ fruit, considering the best quality is exported, loved the yummy NZ apples, especially the Royal Gala variety, also a favourite of mine.

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