Thursday, March 18, 2010

Missing Taita man found down an Upper Hutt hillside three years later...

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Taita man missing for three years found...down an Upper Hutt hillside.

A local man from my suburb of Taita here in Lower Hutt who had been missing for three years, turned up... buried in a garden in further up the valley in Upper Hutt. It is not yet official, he has not been named, but a 26 year old has been charged with his murder.

Harold Skudder, 38 years old but three years dead. He was a local lad, went to local schools with my three eldest children. Grew up and became a bit of a lad; bit of a pothead I believe. A harmless sort of a skinny built guy, feely good looking, according to the local girls; and allegedly father of seven children.

When he was reported missing three years ago, he had been missing for some time. His bank account had been left untouched; and that is the usual sign of somebody who won't be back on this earth.

All very sad for his mother and siblings, and a former girlfriend

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