Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New two wheeled vehicles in NZ - Segways...

New two wheeled police vehicles in NZ - Segways...

New two wheeled police vehicles being used in Taupo in the North Island of New Zealand - Segways...

Taupo police are trialling two 'Segway' scooters as additions to their crime-fighting armoury.

Taupo police area commander Inspector Steve Bullock said the community policing unit would use the scooters, which have a top speed of 20km/h, in public parks and along the lake front.

The first deployment would be during the Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge on November 28, he told The Dominion Post.

"They will never replace police on the beat or in cars, but they will give us greater flexibility and access during big events," Mr Bullock said.

The scooters have been lent to police by the Taupo Safer Community Trust.

Segways can only be used for off-road use, not on roads or footpaths.


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