Saturday, July 4, 2009

First three NZ Swine flu fatalities recorded...

First three NZ Swine Flu fatalities reported...

The first three fatalities of Swine Flu in New Zealand have been confirmed. They were an eight year old girl from Wellington; a 19 year old young man from Hamilton; and a 42 year old man from Christchurch. A geographical and age spread. Just the tip of the iceberg at this stage.

They all had underlying medical conditions; the young girl having been hospitalised with the virus. To date 945 cases of the H1N1 Influenza had been confirmed in NZ, but the real figure could be ten to twenty times that figure. Many may have had it and had recovered without actually knowing it.

For most New Zealanders this would prove to be a mild illness - about 40 people a year die from the seasonal influenza, which this year has been described as quite nasty.

The World Health Organisation(WHO)estimates there will be 2% severe illnesses or fatalities in cases worldwide.

The Swine Flu could be around for some time and spread throughout the community. Those with underlying illnesses or conditions such as asthma, could be at greater risk; they should seek immediate medical help if they became ill, medical authorities have stated.

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