Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Little Pumpkin's father found guilty of murdering her mother...

Little Pumpkin's father found guilty of murdering her mother...

Little Pumpkin's father, Nai Yin Xue has been found guilty of murdering her mother, An An Liu, in Auckland in 2007. He was convicted in the Auckland High Court last week after an-all women jury found him guilty. They took seven hours to reach their decision, which he may appeal.

As the decision was read out in court, Nai Yin Xue became uncontrollably upset, screaming towards the judge with his fist punching the air above his head, yelling, "I'm innocent, I'm innocent" and "not fair". He was lead away by security guards to a cell in the court.

This is probably the second from last step in this saga that began two years ago in Melbourne, Australia, when little Pumpkin, Qian Xun Xue, was found on a train station platform by rail officials. Xue will get his appeal if he applies for it.

By all accounts, the little girl is thriving in China with her maternal grandmother. She will never have to see this monster again. She now knows her mother is dead, but it is not known how she as a five year old has accepted the news.

About 99.9% of all New Zealanders reportedly support the guilty decision. Xue had fled to the US from Australia and later featured on America's Most Wanted television program. He was arrested by local police who handed him over to US Marshals, who detained him for deportation until NZ detectives flew to the US to return him to New Zealand.

Justice has been served for the little girl, her late mother and her family. Xue will probably serve at least 20 or more years before any parole is considered. Sentences for murder have been increasing in NZ in recent years as New Zealanders have demanded more realistic sentences for murder and other serious crimes.

The mother of murdered An An Liu, has praised the New Zealand justice system as her son-in-law Nai Yin Xue, was convicted of her daughter's murder.

Xiaoping Liu spoke from her home in China a couple of days ago to NZ Government Ethic Affairs Minister, Pancy Wong, herself Chinese born, who had helped to reunite her and her little granddaughter, Qian Xun Xue after her abandonment in Melbourne. She has started school in China and was also learning to speak English, dance and paint there.

Life looks good for little Pumpkin!

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Anonymous said...

"Did Little Pumpkin's mother really had an affair?"

Xue is big fat liar!

He killed his wife just because he cannot stand the idea that his wife may leave him and start a better life!

Did you know that it is unbearable to a Chinese man, whether chauvinist or not, if his wife/girlfriend can live a better life after leaving him? He would rather kill her than let her prove that he is not the best one!