Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hutt's thoughts for today...

From my new blog, Hutt's Blogesphere today:

Hutt's thought's for today...

Tomorrow, FEB 6 is Waitangi Day here in New Zealand. It is supposedly our National Day, but there has been so much division at the Waitangi Treaty site's marae that many non-Maori are beginning to consider an alternative date. Radical Maori who have insulted the former prime minister, Helen Clark, and former National Party leader, Don Brash, there have given moderate and respectful Maori a bad name as well. Helen Clark decided to go to other marae around the country to commemorate Waitangi Day. John Key jostled and assaulted at the lower marae today. We will see what happens tomorrow?

Have some sympathy for the lone young piper in Dunedin who has been told where to stick his pipe because he is making too much noise for some residents. The exhausts of boy-racers cars make more noise, some claim! What anti-Scottish treatment in the Edinburgh of the south. He could get his bag-pipes confiscated and even fined if he plays within the next 72 hours. No sympathy from the Chinese mayor of Dunedin either. Still hard days for the Scots!

Spare a thought for the Aussies whose heatwaves have drifted over the Tasman Sea in recent weeks - apparently the heat emanates from the Indian Ocean and will become a permanent occurrence. Something to do with climate change. Hot times ahead for the Aussies!

We should all visit there regularly!

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