Sunday, May 18, 2008

Insulation upgrade of state houses badly needed...

May 2008 re: NZ CITY, NewstalkZB News

State house tenants say the sooner the Government starts insulating their homes, the better.

This week's Budget will include $53 million to make all state houses warmer and dryer within five years.

Peter Petterson has been in his state house in the Lower Hutt suburb of Taita for a number of years now and says the upgrade is much needed. Houses will be insulated against the cold. State houses are particulourly damp at their southern ends.

"They are cold, you've got to use heaters. Some of the older people stick on some more clothes and blankets."

Mr Petterson says it is a shame the upgrade is happening after his children have grown up and moved out, but at least his grandchildren will benefit when they come to stay.

The Labour - led Government is to be congratulated for the impending upgrades on state houses. National had the opportunity during the 1990's to insulate houses but chose just to redecorate them to assist in its privatisation programe to sell off state houses.

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