Tuesday, April 15, 2008

He should get a life...

Wayne Robinson, Stokes Valley, Hutt News, 16-4-2008.

He should get a life and face the realities of modern politics. Honesty, integrity and decency went out the door with Robert Muldoon - 1975-84; and Jim Bolger/ Jenny Shipley - 1990-99. The worst aspects of corruption occurred during these terms of government, remembering the New Right held sway during the latter. Don't bother to mention the Lange government because that was very much an ACT Party experiment.

The Electoral Finance Act doesn't affect me as an individual or other individuals. The criticism of this Act is a crock! What it will prevent is corrupt National supporters like the hypocritical Exclusive Brethren from trying to steal another election through corruption, lack of decency, integrity and honesty. Amen!

There have been great achievements during the three terms of this Labour - led Government. Yes, there has been controversy and some inept ministers have been given the boot or been replaced for a variety of reasons. At least they have been dealt with, and not tolerated like some permanently inebriated National cabinet ministers of the past.

I suggest that Wayne Robinson does his homework in future before bursting into print as a spokesman for the Stokes Valley branch of the National Party, who until recently held their meetings in a phone box in Stokes Valley Road.

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