Monday, March 31, 2008

Auckland proposes supercity plan...

Auckland proposes supercity plan...

First published on Qassia:

The Auckland City Council proposes to unveil a dramatic plan and template for a single super-city with a 26 member council and an elected lord mayor.

Under this plan the Auckland region would lose 90% of its 264 elected local politicians representing seven terrritorial councils and the Auckland Regional Council, it was reported recently.

The plan will be approved or amended for the council's submission to the Royal commission of Enquiry on Auckland governance. Submissions will close in less than a month,on April 22 2008.

If this plan is successful in being approved, and put into operation there would be a saving of millions of dollars per year. The downside could be a dramatic redundancy in manpower.

Here in the Wellington region I'm sure there will be a very interested watching brief. If the Auckland plan is approved and successfully put into operation, there is absolutely no reason why a 'Wellington supercity' couldn't follow. There has to be some amalgamation in the Hutt Valley for certain, but total amalgamation would certainly be given some real consideration.

I personally will be following the Auckland proposal with much interest.

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