Saturday, February 23, 2008

Power to the people - not the John Key mob...

I was strolling through the streets of northern Avalon last Sunday and was struck by the affluence in the area, just a few blocks from working class Taita; Avalon being part of the original and historical area of Taita, which includes present Naenae and environs.

In one particular cul-de-sac,or grove, a new house was accompanied by two new four wheel drive vehicles, a caravan and a boat, all parked in by the garage. What screamed out at me in silence was this family appeared to have all the wealth in the world and nothing more to spend their money on...but they were most likely one of those obsessed with John Key and the pursuit of power.

It suddenly dawned on me that that was what it was all about...this John Key phenomenon in 2007-2008. The rightwingers of New Zealand have done so well out of the Helen Clark -led Labour minority Government during the last eight and going on for nine wonderfully economicly grown years. They don't want to continue to share their wealth with those minorities the Government has assisted through its social agenda of the last few years - the ones the political right denigrate as being part of a hidden agenda - but in reality a few sad cases of socially dispossessed minorities.

Because, readers, it is actually all about POWER, or the lack of it! The political right have all the dosh but lack the grunt. They don't have the political clout or power these days, unlike the Bolger MOB of the 1990's or the Muldoon Days of the mid 70's-80's. That is why they are supporting the "Key" phenomenon. He is their saviour - the messiah of the Right this millionaire money man named Key!

They want great state provided tax cuts for their businesses and personal income - and the unwashed masses will have to give up all their gains from the Working For Families program and other state support programs to pay for it, whether they like it or not,brother!

It's not a done deal, unfortunately for the political Right. MMP is definately a different ballgame - National may end up with the most votes just like Labour in 1978 and 1981, but not office - they will need a coalition partner; and a partner won't be found with the Greens or the Maori Party.

The power belongs to the people, those who have held it since 1990, and may well retain it in 2008. There is no future with a rusty key in the Finance Minister's lock.

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