Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Who is going to be elected in Lower Hutt on Saturday...

Who is going to be elected in Lower Hutt on Saturday? The incumbent, David Ogden,city councillor, Ray Wallace or the well known footballer and commentator,Ken Laban for mayor? Who is going to be elected for council, regional council or health boards?

The best candidates may not be elected in any of the categories because apathetic Lower Hutt residents may not get out and do their civil duty - to vote!

I have witnessed many good left of centre candidates failing to get elected because of voter apathy. I hope the same doesn't happen this time. 'Ken Laban' must be one of the best candidates and persons to stand for the mayoralty for many a year. He could become our first mayor of Polynesian extraction as well.

If you happen to read this before voting day, make sure you have sent your voting papers in. You can vote for whoever you wish, but voter apathy is the arch enemy of democracy. So tell your family, friends and acquaintences to get your votes in. The deadline is noon on this Saturday!