Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Our city is officially and legally named Lower Hutt - not Hutt City.

If there is one thing that has infuriated me for several years now that has been the incorrect and illegal use of Hutt City instead of the correct, official and legal term of Lower Hutt.

I have written in the Hutt News and in emails to the Hutt City Council expressing my opposition and personal objection to such usage. Incredibly I have been supported in my criticism by council employees. But it is still council policy to continue to address the city incorrectly as Hutt City. New traffic signs have been manufactured recently which proclaim the way to Hutt City.

The Hutt City Council continues to describe and promote Lower Hutt as Hutt City. I decided to test my belief by contacting the New Zealand Geographical Board and asked them what the official name was for Lower Hutt. I received an envelope full of information which supported my personal claims that the Hutt City Council is actually wrong, and is in breach of the law. They also supported my own viewpoint that the Hutt City Council had never actually taken any legal steps towards an official name change for Lower Hutt, apart from being in contact with and probably having a meeting with a New Zealand Geographical Board representative. End of story!

The New Zealand Geographical Board has stated that they cannot take a case against the Hutt City Council directly, but any individual or organisation would be able to do so. Such action would be embarrasing for the present administration in a local authority election year. If one eventuates they would have brought it directly on their own heads.

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